Me and my team at Hack The North 2019 wanted to build something that could have the potential to actually help people in everyday tasks.

Eventually, we came to the realization that a major inefficiency could be found in the medical field. Often times, calling in to book an appointment with our family doctors took way longer than needed; we'd get placed on hold, or the line would be busy with another caller.

We decided that we would leverage the power of AI and the Google Dialogflow library to make a custom voice receptionist for doctors' offices.

DrDash is a AI powered voice assistant that helps doctors minimize administrative inefficiencies - davidli3100/HTN2019
Interested in seeing the source code? Check out the Github repo (Built with Google Dialogflow, React, and Python)

Patients would simply just call into DrDash via phone, or use the Facebook chat bot that we built to be able to book an appointment, and describe their symptoms/medical history ahead of time - all without having to spend minutes on wait.

To make DrDash easy to use, we created an intuitive and detailed dashboard for doctors to view their upcoming appointments, patient symptoms/history, as well as patient invoicing via Freshbooks Invoicing.

Patient/Appointment View